With a well known and consolidated artistic career, he searches, through different media, how to defend ar t with painting, the digital medium, interpretation and performance ; and also with audiovisual proposals and NFT (Non fungible token) works of art.

As she herself explains: “My intention is to capture the essence of the moment by capturing it on canva s , or on the screen, in order to make the viewer feel, to induce reflection. I want to generate moments of temperance, to improve this world that we are destroying. The ethical aspect is important, not just the material. At the end of our life we do not take the money we earned, we can only take what we have contributed to the world to improve it.”

At this time Sandra De Jaume defines her work as processual art . She begins to plan a performance based on primitive scenes, where models intervene, and she values the elements that will compose it: flowers, branches, costumes, symbols, etc.

Meanwhile, an audiovisual recording of this compositional process of creation is carried out and, later, a photographic capture of the performance or interpretat ive staging begins, which will serve as the basis for his paintings, as abstract as they are figurative.

This approach to art expresses one of the maxims of this consecrated artist: " Art has no limits, it is not firm in any specific discipline to expr ess itself " Her commitment to defending women's rights, the fight against injustice and right to defend his own ideas was evident in his extraordinary portrayal of Aurora Picornell. Eduardo del Valle Perez . Head of Digitization and Digital Preservation , Documentation and Archive Service of the UIB.

De Jaume is an artist who captures eternity by portraying the transitory ; she perceives the unnascible essence and shows it to the viewer's eyes to make him connect with the mystery; she captur es divinity and transmits it with beauty, transmuting it into the art of the sublime.

Sandra De Jaume (1978) is a Mallorcan visual artist, versatile and fascinated by art since her childhood. She has exhibited her work at the New York Contemporary Art Fair "Pool Art Fair New York" and in other cities such as Seoul, Madrid , Malaga, Melilla, Montecarlo, Braga, Ourense, Ílhavo, and a long etc.


Throughout her career, Sandra De Jaume has participated in numerous exhibitions and group shows at a national and international level. Her art has been acclaimed in cities such as New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Monte Carlo, Braga, Madrid, Ourense, Malaga, Melilla and Mallorca, being recognized and selling her works a ll over the world.

In 2013, he had the honor of participating in the prestigious "Pool Art Fair" exhibition in New York. Since then, she has continued to exhibit her work in various shows, consolidating her presence on the international art scene.


In addition to her success in exhibitions, Sandra De Jaume has been awarded several art prizes, highlighting her talent and contribution to the art world.


In addition to winning several art awards, Sandra De Jaume decided to broaden her knowledge and complete complementary studies in Interior Design and Graphic Design. Subsequently, she enrolled in the artistic baccalaureate at the renowned School of Art and Superior Design of the Balearic Islands.